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first amendment


NLA supports the First Amendment by keeping our membership informed of key legal and legislative developments and by initiating educational programs about the freedoms guaranteed by the First Amendment.



NLA promotes newsroom leadership by offering valuable training to editors, such as the Emerging Leaders Institute and NewsTrain. The programs are tailored to address the most pressing issues for leaders and the skills needed to lead and drive change.


NLA believes that diverse newsrooms better cover America’s communities. In 1978, the former American Society of News Editors challenged the news industry to achieve racial parity by 2000 or sooner. Over three decades, the ASNE survey has shown that while there has been progress, the racial diversity of newsrooms does not come close to the fast-growing diversity in the U.S. population as a whole. See past surveys.


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The News Leaders Association conference will be in New Orleans on Sept. 9-10. Registration for the conference is open.


NLA advances the cause of quality professional journalism, and welcomes news leaders, academics and others.

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The NLA Foundation solicits contributions in support of NLA and its commitment to journalism.